Best Smartwatch in 2019

Our verdict: The editor has chosen the Ticwatch Pro as the best smartwatch of 2019. Click here to see our review of this product.

Smartwatches (or smartwatches) may seem like the passing news of the moment, but many brands besides Apple are entering this product category. Although in their early generations they were very limited, current models provide many advantages for those who want to be fashionable with a “smart” ecosystem in their day today.

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They not only give the time: you can search online using your voice, locate and follow GPS routes, and even pay bills without taking out your wallet.

Now, some brands charge exorbitant prices for features that are not worth it. Here we analyze 10 products with 3 important criteria so you don’t waste your money paying a fortune.

In our top 10, we choose versatile watches: both the professional who works in an office, and who exercises outside can make the most of them.

The Best Smartwatch of 2019

New technology companies often inflate prices under exaggerated advertising. There is no reason for one of these watches to cost more than your phone.

As we do not want to waste money, we evaluate three fundamental criteria in each smartwatch: operating system, monitor size, and battery life.

There are personal issues, such as design or style, and some technical details are debatable, such as internal storage. But the criteria we evaluate are of importance in all scenarios.

Ticwatch Pro: Smartwatch more practical

Ticwatch Pro Smart Watch Smart Watch Compatible with iOS and Android (Wear 0S) Google Assistant Layered Display Technology Change Your Lifestyle From Here Color Black

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Operating System: Wear OS 2.0
Dimensions: 1.4 inches
Battery life: 2 days (smart mode)
Ticwatch has a line of high quality watches, despite not being so popular. The Ticwatch Pro is a very peculiar smartwatch since it uses “two screens”, one on top of the other.


The most striking aspect of this smartwatch is its dual screen configuration.

The first is a transparent LCD screen that can show time, your heart rate, and other important information. The second is a bright OLED screen that has all the benefits of a smartwatch.

The idea is to use the LCD screen when you want to concentrate on exercise or preserve the battery. Even with only 20% of the charge after using the smart mode, the essential mode can extend the duration up to 5 days.

It has everything you could expect from a smartwatch: exercise sensors, GPS, NFC chip for Google Pay, Bluetooth, music, and notifications. In short, the entire arsenal of Wear OS.

You can sync with Android to answer and receive phone calls and messages, in addition to using Google’s smart assistant.

The cost of the Ticwatch Pro is the best. It can be cheaper than other watches in its category without sacrificing even a little utility. We recommend it for those who want flexibility and utility at the best price.

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